Does Your Business want to Reach Homeowners?

It’s almost free to grow your business with JOINHOMES!

Everybody Wins!

  • We organize homeowners into groups who are planning to improve or buy the same things


  • Then match them with trustworthy local businesses that offer group discounts.


Homeowners save money. 
You’ll grow your business faster. 

Then provide us with a Group Discount that we can promote our members. 

Plus, every project gets its own Secure Project Portal

Homeowners love…

Good Communication & Project Transparency

Project Portals provide homeowners and contractors a way to communicate and organize all the details of the project from start to finish.

You can upload, organize, and keep track of:

  • Agreements, Receipts & Permits
  • Documents & Reports
  • Before, during, and after photos
  • Project Scope, Timeline & Activity
  • Discussions between Homeowner and Contractors
  • Plus any custom content that you want to add into your portals

Our per project fees are so small, you would think they were only for tiny homes! 

Project up to $500 = Fee $17

Project $501-$1499 = Fee $47

Project $1500+ = Fee $97

Plus, every project gets its own Project Portal for Free!

*Ask how you can get a Project Portal for all of your projects, not just for the customers we send you.

Project Portals = Happy Homeowners